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The Isle is an immense undertaking by a group of veteran developers that have collectively worked on three previous dinosaur games. We don't want to create 'just another survival sandbox' or 'just another dinosaur game'; we want to be 'the' dinosaur game.

Key Features

Unique Triple-Faction Gameplay

Choose between three playable factions and find yourself stranded on a merciless island of harsh wildernesses, rampaging dinosaurs, vicious cannibals, lethal mercenaries and rival players.

The Island

A vast landscape of dense jungle and open plains, hidden within are various ruins and expanses that hold insight as to what was here…

Server Size

Up to 100 players per server based on server hardware and bandwidth.

Basic Dinosaur Simulation

Basic needs such a thirst and hunger are present. Stalk your prey and avoid your predators among the dense forests and swamps.

A Global Community Story

The Isle features a narrative told strictly through the environment, achievable only through immense cooperation among players.

Steam Workshop

We will Support all the features of Steamworks and allow for any aspect of the game to be modded by the community using Steam Workshop.

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RSS Latest News & Patch Notes

  • Patch April 28, 2017
    New: Started work on updating the server list user interface and other UI elements.Fixed: Server List not splitting mod ids properly breaking servers that had multible mods loaded at once.Added: Error Dialog to let people know to set their mods up as exactly the same as the server otherwise they can't join.Improved: Dinosaur Attack System, […]
  • Patch April 28, 2017
    Fixed: Issues joining modded servers, with mods that are in the list but not loaded. Fixed: Faction Selection UI isn't displayed if you are using auto possess 0 and have a character already. This should allow mod authors using the dev kit to possess characters not on the progression or character selection screen.Fixed: Map Errors […]
  • Patch April 27, 2017
    Warning: This is a really big patch with heaps of game changing things. There may be several problems and issues created as a result of this patch. If you run into bugs, please mention them in #patch_testing on discord. From this patch you can no longer join servers that you don't have the same mods […]