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Hello Players,

Past few days I have been getting reports from players cheating, modifying and deleting game files and using external hack tools. Unfortunately the game detects these modifications and these players get publisher banned.

I have banned quite a few players today that have been doing this nasty behavior. The most recent example of players cheating includes deleting / modifying vegetation and building files so those assets don’t appear in-game to get a unfair advantage.

It’s a complete waste of my time tracking down people cheating when I could be focused on working on Dinosaur AI and the nest system.

Within the next few updates the game will store files in a different format to prevent players from being able to join a server with modified / missing files. One of the drawbacks to using this alternative format is that each of the game updates will be at a larger size. Players will also have to re-download all of the game files in the new format. This is around 10 GB total. I didn’t want to have to end up going this route, but I don’t have a choice.