December Update

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Ho-hum. The December update. I skipped November… and October… and I’m a week late on this one. I sat with WordPad open for a week with the phrase “It’s been a year already?” and proceeded to write absolutely dick-all after that until tonight. I’ve formulated this announcement in my head several times over, but it’s […]

Indie of the Year 2016

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Cast your vote for the 7th annual Indie Game of the Year hosted by IndieDB and Proudly sponsored by Square Enix Collective. Your vote would mean a great deal to all of us working on The Isle. Just click on either image (above or below) to be taken to our IndieDB page to vote. Thanks! […]

September Development Update

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Map Cycle and IsleV3: Alright, so at this point the whole host of awful of early maps are gone. For clarity’s sake, these were all awful maps on a performance and technical level, thus will never be restored. All future patches will directly involve V3, which will become the standardized global “default” map, including that […]

Cheating will get you banned

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Hello Players, Past few days I have been getting reports from players cheating, modifying and deleting game files and using external hack tools. Unfortunately the game detects these modifications and these players get publisher banned. I have banned quite a few players today that have been doing this nasty behavior. The most recent example of […]

Alpha 0.2 Is Here!

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Have you been enjoying the Alpha 0.1 demo of The Isle? Now you can play the Alpha 0.2! Changes: Added Day/Night Cycle Added Austroraptor Temporarily removed auto-exposure settings Tweaked light settings to properly reflect light Misc. optimization changes (still does not support people playing on a potato) Removed ray traces Introduced placeholder FX Iron sights […]