What’s new?

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 Vocal Wheel Each dinosaur has four distinctive roars; Broadcast, Threaten, Help, and Friendly. These roars allow players to interact with different species without the use of a chat system.   Raptor Pounce Although it is still a work-in-progress, the raptor pounce mechanic is back. Don’t expect to bring down prey alone, but team up to […]

Indie of the Year on Indie DB

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Indiedb was holding it’s 6th annual Indie of the Year Awards, a celebration of the years finest indie games chosen by the community and Indiedb staff. There were over two million visitors, 60,519 votes cast and The Isle is in the Top 100!     Thank You to everyone who voted! Winners will be announced around […]

New Dinosaur: Therizinosaurus

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Introducing the terrifying claws of the Therizinosaurus. The Isle’s Therizinosaurus comes equipped with huge claws, a long neck, and a bushy tail. These massive claws could reach just shy of 1 meter in length, the longest from any known animal. You can expect this massive Therizinosauridae to rough up any threat – including the Tyrannosaurus Rex […]

Alpha 0.2 Is Here!

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Have you been enjoying the Alpha 0.1 demo of The Isle? Now you can play the Alpha 0.2! Changes: Added Day/Night Cycle Added Austroraptor Temporarily removed auto-exposure settings Tweaked light settings to properly reflect light Misc. optimization changes (still does not support people playing on a potato) Removed ray traces Introduced placeholder FX Iron sights […]

What is The Isle?

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The Isle is an open-world multiplayer dinosaur sandbox game that will feature several different user created game modes. The first game mode being developed is an open-world survival experience where players will choose to play as one of three human factions; Rangers, Mercenaries or Poachers. They will face off against the primeval inhabitants of The […]