February 2016

 Vocal Wheelvoice wheel carno

Each dinosaur has four distinctive roars; Broadcast, Threaten, Help, and Friendly. These roars allow players to interact with different species without the use of a chat system.


Raptor PouncePack Hunt

Although it is still a work-in-progress, the raptor pounce mechanic is back. Don’t expect to bring down prey alone, but team up to bring down the biggest beast.


Restinglaying down optimized

All dinosaurs (the exception being the Puertasaurus – a sauropod) now have a resting pose. In the future, this will allow the stamina bar to be refilled.


2016 02 05 00013 Dryosaurus

A small ornithopod whose only defenses are speed, hiding, and being in a herd. Think twice before exposing yourself to any predator.



Diabloceratopsdiablo rock

This ceratopsian has a formidable defense against Austroraptors and any Carnotaurus. However, if you stumble upon a Tyrannosaurus Rex you are more than likely to become a meal.