September 2016

Map Cycle and IsleV3:

Alright, so at this point the whole host of awful of early maps are gone. For clarity’s sake, these were all awful maps on a performance and technical level, thus will never be restored. All future patches will directly involve V3, which will become the standardized global “default” map, including that dirty little sandbox mode when it returns.

Upon the overwhelming player request, we are making a second island that is 50% smaller than V3, which can be used on unofficial servers. It might be worth noting that it won’t be paid DLC either.

Two for One (Spinosaurus):

To dispel rumors, we do have two Spinosaurus models and they function very differently. We have one based off of the most accurate knowledge we have of the creature to date, resulting in an aquatic hunter that branches off from the Suchomimus. The other is a fictionalized (See how we used the word fictionalized? We know it’s not accurate and we’re doing it anyway) apex land carnivore that can stand up against other Tier 5 predators.

(I do want to note that there’s this huge issue that people seem to have that involves us providing choice of content for players such as fictionalized dinosaurs and feathered/unfeathered options. Moderators will be catching your passive-aggressive snark and throwing you out. Some people like their fiction and some people like their accuracy. A lot of you need to learn to be civil.)

Artificial Intelligence:

So we’ve (ITT: Deathlyrage) finally begun working on artificial intelligence. Aside from it being a thing that currently crashes everything, sometime in September it will stop being that thing that crashes all the things. Initially we just want to fill in that bit of buffer which is a huge island with only 50 people, and only running into people at watering holes is kind of a bummer. We already have a few plans in place to replicate appropriate behavior such as having them react accordingly to player threats and have their own food/thirst desires, as well as the appropriate nesting mechanics once they’ve been introduced to the world.

Currently they serve as general passive filler, but we will keep you updated as we advance forward on this front.

Progression Updates:

As this section is rather long…

  • TLDR Herbivores will no longer gain progression points by simply being alive.
  • TLDR Carnivores will have an exponentially larger cost to progress to the next tier.

Right now progression is super simple to the point where you can pretty much AFK through it, but you’ve had enough time to acclimate to the system and need to slowly reach a higher tier. Since players are relatively capable of just finding water and then trotting off somewhere remote and just inhaling trees left and right, finding a bush, and sitting in it alt-tabbed while waiting on points to accumulate until they can move to the next dinosaur, we’ll be moving all herbivores to specific diets. What eats will differ from , however and may have the same diet, forcing a cap of sustainable dinosaurs in an area and the players will have to migrate elsewhere, or just kill the competition.

Along with these diets, there will be a globally edible unique plant that will directly contribute to your progression. We will remove the point accumulation simply for being alive, and move it towards allocating and eating these plants. There will not be enough for large herds to all progress at once, and the same starvation/dehydration point reduction will still apply. This means their progression points requirements will remain relatively the same for herbivores, as the activities required will stretch out the time they remain as each dinosaur exponentially.

All in all, we intend to have the larger herds more varied and frequently roaming in order to accomodate any mixed species, or to horde resources to themselves as specific strict-species/diet herbivores. However, we don’t want people to feel that the only way to move up in tiers is just running around and amassing as much of this “unique plant” as possible, which is why you can accumulate progression points by being social and nesting.
This should impact carnivores in a positive way when coupled with their longer progression times to where they must succeed in multiple hunts while still not outright starving just because they failed a few times.

Growth Stages & Nesting:

We currently plan to have two forms of dinosaur growth maturity:

Natural progression: A player moves up to the next tier in the same fashion as they do now by having the necessary amount of progression points and using the screen. This will put them at the “average” size, which we consider subadult. This is suitable for the first players breaking through to the next tier, regardless of whether or not they are in groups or solo.

(As you may have noticed, may dinosaurs were adequately downscaled drastically from where they were. Soon we will implementing dinosaur growth from their current “average” size to their previous maximum size, which will increase your stats as a whole (hunger, thirst, damage, speed, etc) on par with the ratio of your growth.
Example: Carnotaurus is currently set to .87 of his maximum size, so in game he is at 87% of his full stats. As he grows to his 1.0 size, his stats will increase accordingly on the percentage scale with his size as he is alive. Dinosaurs will have different growth timers.)

Egg Incubation: Two players at subadult maturity or higher can pair to make a nest. This will allow them to invite other players to join their nest as an egg and hatch into a baby dinosaur. For gameplay’s sake, all dinosaurs hatch at a juvenile stage, which is anywhere from 20-35% their maximum size, making the player reliant on their respective parents. Provided a player makes it to subadult stage, this will reward the respective parent players with substantial progression points.

(Note: Players will have to have previously progressed to the dinosaur they’re hatching as at a minimum of one time in order to accept the invite. This mechanic exists purely to prevent hordes of players skipping up the ecosystem and destroying it in a forseeable fashion.)

You may all immediately call me a sell out.


As I would have hoped most of you have seen, derelict structures and small scenes have popped up on the island that allude to the human environments coming. As these expand, we will begin the first phases of human testing, which means you might see humans in the server. That’s definitely the devs, and you’re most definitely welcome to try and kill us.
Up front I have to state how blatantly unfair things will seem simply because humans work so different from the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs have a preset determined viability for what they can and cannot do from the moment they spawn. Humans are very reliant on equipment and technology to define their capability with the exclusion of their own perks that we will be distributing for them to gain with their own progression system (which will also be lost on death).
Guns will work as guns should work, meaning high powered weapons will drop larger dinosaurs relatively quickly, but at the same time humans are very fragile in comparison to the dinosaurs. Use it to your advantage, play wisely, and we look forward to the first encounters of humans crossing the paths of dinosaurs.

Aquatic/Aerial Creatures:

Just something very small here so people don’t think that we’ve suspended working with these types of creatures. These guys will have their own seperate progression trees, and possibly their own strains, if not a singular one.